Friday, March 20, 2015

Check It Off the List

You know that RUSH feeling you get when something exciting happens when you are least expecting it...that surge of adrenaline, the thump, thump, thump of your heart beat in your own ears, the razor sharp attention when the rest of the world fades away?  It's kind of like being a kid on Christmas morning the moment you realize the toy you wanted so badly lies under the Christmas tree and the only thing keeping you from it is a thin layer of brightly colored festive wrapping paper.

Ever since I began pursuing photography, first as a hobby, and then as a business, I have wanted to have my work published in a well known magazine.  I dared dream that one day I might be good enough to have my work in was, as a matter of fact, on my career bucket list along with having my work in a gallery.  I've had my work used in brochures, advertisements, websites, and even etched into tombstones, but never have I been published in a popular magazine with a print circulation over 300,000 and an online following of about 270,000!  For 15 years I have wanted this to happen, so when my husband got the mail yesterday and threw a package into my lap saying, "This looks like good news," my heart started pounding.  It took a minute for me to process what it was...a quick glance at the return label revealed the address for Baltimore Magazine, and that RUSH surged.  The realization that yes, the magazine did indeed use my image in their April issue hit me like a wonderful ton of bricks. (I was reluctant to believe it until I saw it despite having a signed contract!)

I ripped open the package to find a note from the editor included.  "Hi Tracey-- Thank you so much for allowing us to run your photo, it's a great opener for our O's travel story and we couldn't be happier with it!  it really pulls the page together.  You'll find your photo and credit on page 120. Good luck with all of your future photographs and many thanks.  ~S"

Thump, Thump, Thump...I opened the advanced copy of Baltimore Magazine to page 120 and there it image of Ripken Stadium taken near sunset!  As I was taking it all in, I could hear my kids each saying, "Let me see!  Let me see!" so excited for me knowing I've wanted this for a long time and knowing how much this meant to me personally.  They were celebrating right along with me.  A smile grew across my face as I raised the magazine from my lap to proudly show my family the image...the main image for the entire 4 page article!

Now that I have checked that off the bucket list, I have a new be published in an actual art journal (such as one of Stampington's publications)!  And I know it will happen one day, with my family and friend's support, my hard work, and my focus on all the positive things happening in my career, I know it will happen!

Have a great weekend, y'all!  See you on Monday when I post about one of my pieces that will be showing in an April art exhibit!


  1. Just reading this Tracey....I had no doubt this would happen. You have a great talent and a real go-getter. I admire your drive to go after your passion of photography. I have one of your very early prints and so happy I had you sign it. You laughed when I asked you to sign it back then...but I know talent when I see it. So very happy for you and proud to have you as part of our family. Keep on doing what your doing girl!!! Hugs xox

    1. What a sweet comment, Aunt Jan! Thanks for believing in me and being a support all these years! Miss you and hope to see you soon!

  2. Love your photography and your blog! I know the sweet feeling of getting something in print. Even though mine was the smallest of small- it's still rewarding. I recently had a boite aux letter published in FRANCE Magazine -


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