Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tell Me Lies

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

This is my latest digital collage piece in my series that is inspired by music.  The song that I took inspiration from was Fleetwood Mac Little Lies.  There were about 20 different layers in this piece and I incorporated something very personal into 2x great grandfather's death certificate. 

As I conducted genealogical research into my family, I discovered my maternal grandfather's side had quite a sketchy past.  One of the family mysteries surrounds the death of my great-great grandfather, whose death certificate states he died of a gunshot wound to the head.  Family lore indicates that he was sleeping at the time of the murder, but there hasn't been any additional information available as to who killed him or why.  I have researchers trying to locate any court documents, newspapers articles, or obituaries that may give additional insight into the details surrounding his murder.  So far, the well is dry and we haven't located a single thing to explain his death.  The mystery continues...

As I reflect on this collage, I have to admit it reminds me of past toxic "friendships" I have had and how grateful I am to shed those from my life.  I no longer have to listen to and carry the weight of constant negativity and lies around with me.  You know the type...constantly complaining, never happy, always think they are entitled to something, not taking responsibility for actions and blames everyone else and the world around them for all their difficulties.  Yeah, gets really wearing.  Such a relief to have supportive, non-jealous friends who celebrate your victories along with you instead of pulling you down!  Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who lift me up on a daily basis!

Speaking of family, I am currently visiting my wonderful mother in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I traveled down for the week with my aunt to visit and bring some joy to my mother.  I have truly enjoyed this time with them, laughing, telling old stories, playing cards, shopping, and just being together.  I dislike living 5 hours away from her and it is a blessing when I get to spend quality time with her.  It sure is cold here in the mountains...hoping you all can find a warm snug place to hunker down until spring sets in.  For me, that can't be soon enough!   Brrrrr!

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