Friday, February 10, 2017

On the Way to Granny's House- Before and After

About this image:  Little Red Riding Hood...that is the fairy tale that popped into my head when I came across this scene that I photographed back in 2010. In my minds eye, I could see Little Red walking through this forest on the way to Granny's when she comes across the Big Bad Wolf. I love scenes that have an air of fantasy about them. It gets the imagination going.

The original photograph left a lot to be desired. It had a huge sign blocking the left side of the barn, and the sky was not very interesting. So, with a bit of digital magic (read: hard work recreating the left side of the barn), I was able to create this final product that I felt good about. It is moody, dark, and has an air of fantasy about it. Bingo.

I've been fighting an illness this week and today I am down and out. I am typing this from my bed on my laptop as I have committed to rest today, trying to fight the fever and terrible sore throat that has plagued me for a few days. Aren't sore throats the worst? My ears always seem to follow suit when my throat becomes infected and then it hurts to swallow, breathe, or talk. Ugh. Anyway, I will be resting, taking lots of zinc, colloidal silver, Vitamin C, drinking lots of water and bone broth, and diffusing essential oils all day today. Hoping to kick this virus's butt.

Have a beautiful weekend and I will see you, hopefully feeling better, on Monday.



  1. Love this...a stunning before and after. I hope you feel better soon--sore throats really are the worst!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I am sure I will rebound soon. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Thanks for showing the before and after. You did a great job dealing with the sign and road. And, of course, great texture and painting work!!


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