Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Pell Gardens- Digital Art by Harford County Artist

Walk with me among the gardens
Where the river murmurs our names.
Tell me about the first time we met
Even though I can tell the same tale.
Somehow it rings different from your lips.
Come, sit in the shadows of coolness
With me; my body tired and weary.
Tell me of the future when
Silence and slowness will rule our world.
Lie with me in the field of wildflowers
Remind me how to breathe.
My energy drains.
Stay with me here forever
Our fingers entwined with love.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunflower in Bell Jar- Digital Art By Tracey Grumbach

The last few weeks have been difficult ones. When dealing with any chronic illness, stress can be a huge factor in how your immune system responds to latent illnesses, such as EBV. When stress suppresses the immune system, those illnesses that are lying in wait can flare and cause a host of issues. This is exactly what is happening to me, I believe. My lab results show elevated levels of EBV as well as C. pneumoniae. Additional tests show lack of oxygen being carried to my brain and the rest of my body. All of these things can cause exhaustion, headaches, depression, and many other issues.  Lately, my stress levels have been very, very high, allowing the perfect environment for these illnesses to rear their ugly heads. Thanks to Lyme and co-infections, my immune system was almost non-existent to begin with, so when stress comes along to hammer it down even more, I get very sick. That is why I haven't been blogging and posting as much on social media. I've been trying to lie low and take care of myself.

Anyway, a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers was given to my mother for her birthday while she was staying here at my house. I took the opportunity to use my tabletop lightbox and shoot some portraits of these amazing creations. I just love the combination of blue and yellow...very calming for me. This one is in route from the art printer and I can't wait to see how it looks in person. If you'd like to see it too, be sure to stop in to Arts By the Bay Gallery beginning on April 28th (opening reception for the spring show which I am the featured artist for) and June 25th (the closing for the spring show). Don't forget to come out the night of May 5th to the Ticked Off-Lyme Disease Awareness Event to help support the us in educating the community about the dangers of Lyme Disease! It is going to be a good time.

Have a wonderful week, y'all.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Deo Uni Et Trino- St. Louis Missouri

About this image: Taken in St. Louis, this image reminds me of my fascination with the concept of trinity. God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. I have recently embarked on a new spiritual journey yearning to be closer to God. I am searching for a new church home and visited a church last Sunday (not the one pictured here, obviously, since this one is in St. Louis) that I really liked. I look forward to visiting again in the future to find out if this is the right place for me and my family. I am searching for health and contentment in all aspects of my life, physical, mental, and spiritual. I'm working on the physical continuously, I've recently had a mental health tune up with my favorite therapist, and now am looking for some spiritual growth. I'm learning to let go and let God, which for me, a lifelong control freak, is a huge undertaking requiring lots of faith.

In what areas of your life are you seeking growth and contentment?

Have a wonderful Thursday.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dana Point Sunset- by Harford County Artist

Please click for a larger view of this scene

About this image- It is about this time of year when I start yearning for the sea. The salty water, the rhythmic waves, the cycle of water meeting land. The sun rising or setting over the horizon. There is something about returning to the very basic elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. All of those can be absorbed when standing on the shore. This panoramic was taken in California at Dana Point. If anywhere can be close to heaven on earth, this place, with its almost perfect weather, has to be it. One day I will go back and put my feet on this rock again. One day.

Things are moving along with the planning of the May 5th Ticked Off- Lyme Disease Awareness Event. I received over 50 prints yesterday from the art printer. Now starts the selection process of which ones will be hanging and which ones will be matted for the print bin. I was thrilled with how most turned out, however there are a few I'd like to have reprinted with corrections.

In addition to getting the prints in, I also am beginning to get the word out...I contacted WAMD, 970AM, a local radio station broadcasting out of Aberdeen and they have promised to announce some PSAs about the event. They told me they know several people with chronic Lyme and would be happy to help out in any way they can. Also, the event has been added to Harford's Heart calendar of events. I've handed out fliers, posted fliers in local shops and libraries, and am working on local newspapers to advertise as well. Everywhere I turn people are saying they know someone or are someone who are suffering from this terrible disease (we live in an epidemic area). It is shocking and startling that with so many people suffering it seems hardly anyone is talking about it. It's like it has a stigma or shame integrated with it. That is what I am working to remove. Education, legislation, and support, for families who are struggling through this debilitating disease.

I am excited to announce that the organization I am working to collect funds for, NatCapLyme, has added our event to their fundraising list. If you are out of town and won't be able to make the event, please consider make a monetary donation to this amazing organization! My local chapter, Harford Lyme Advocates, will directly benefit from any donations. Everything is helpful! My local group has been a lifeline for me and they have worked tirelessly to bring hope and comfort and Lyme education to our community.  Here are the directions to make sure your donation gets accounted for the May 5th Fundraiser (which will run through the month of May). **All donations are tax deductible!

1.  Visit NatCapLyme's donation page by clicking here.
2.  Under the words MAKE A DONATION click the tab that says FUNDRAISING EVENT.
4.  Complete the form and submit the donation.

Thank you!  At the end of the May I will let you know how much in total we are able to collect.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Portrait of a Flower- Digital Art By Tracey Grumbach

About this image: Tired of the normal flower pictures, I decided to instead, do a portrait of a flower, an impression of a flower, a flower that remained in my brain after a sweet dream. Using photography and digital painting, I created this piece. I was inspired by the beautiful birthday bouquet we bought my mother and had displayed at her party. I recently bought a tabletop softbox studio and used that to capture individual photos of some of my favorite flowers in the bunch. This, paper thin, lacy edged beauty caught my eye first. Despite several attempts, I was unable to identify its name. If you know, please tell me. I would love to know.

Thank you to those who let me know my website was down yesterday. As it turns out, my hosting site was having site wide issues which affected mine. Happily, it seems to be running with no glitches this morning and is fully back online. I appreciate y'all looking out for me!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enter this work week with a smile and spring in your step.