Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse- Tracey Grumbach, Digital Artist

About this image: It was early morning and the fog was late in lifting. You could hear the waves rhythmically crashing into the rocky cliffs below and the gulls calling out somewhere in the near distance, but you could not see them for the fog clinging to the shore. I crept carefully, camera around my neck, along the rocks jutting out by the sea. I found the perfect spot and waited, hunkering down low, fighting the vertigo I get in high places. I waited. Finally the misty fog lifted just enough to reveal, like a curtain rising in a theater, the weathered but beautiful lighthouse. For more information about this beauty, click here.

Prayers would be appreciated for a procedure I am having today to continue repairing the damage to my jawbone and teeth from an infection. This over a year-long health saga for me and I am happy to moving to the next step although I am nervous and expected to be in pain for a while. So, if you could, please say a prayer for a smooth procedure with minor pain, I would be most appreciative.

I look forward to updating you on some upcoming events where I will be showing my art and leading some workshops. Stay tuned to the blog for those announcements in the near future!


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  1. We did visit this lighthouse on one of our two trips to Maine. Glad you were brave and captured the shot, it is so serene.


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