Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lake Splash at Dusk

Today I am thankful that my family is safe 
after the terrible storms that descended upon us fast and furious last night.
I am so saddened by the news that a child was killed
and more were injured at the camp in Manchester.
It hits home as my son has attended that same camp 
several years ago and it is
a parent's worst nightmare when putting the health and safety
of your children in the hands of someone else.
My prayers are with the families and friends of those children.
The pain they are in is unimaginable, I am sure.

This image is my youngest daughter splashing in 
Deep Creek Lake right at dusk.
All of my kids loved having direct access 
to swimming in the lake directly from our rental.
They took full advantage by swimming first thing in the morning
and last thing at night.
I am so glad they will have these sweet memories of that trip
despite the loss we felt at not having my extended family there
due to my father's passing.
This is what life is about for me...sharing experiences 
and building memories with my family and my kids.

I am playing along with Black and White Wednesday


  1. This is a precious, stunning image. The detail of the splash that fades into a softer image...both above and that feeling of this being just a very small part of something vast. Takes my breath away! And I'm with you - I can't imagine that kind of always shocks me to hear of children passing - especially in unexpected or violent ways. It does make me just that much more aware of treasuring our moments as family. Thanks so much for sharing this photo with the link up group!

  2. beautiful capture. you made me cry... i'm a parent... i can't image their sorrow...

  3. That's a wonderful shot--so simple and innocent.


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