Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reflection of My Mood

As seen in a reflection of a window...texture added to fit my mood.

Today is one of those days where it is just difficult.
I was going to write a post about how every fiber in me aches today...
true, deep, pain in every cell,
not emotionally...physically.
But, who wants to hear someone whine and complain?
So I deleted all of that...and now I have this post.
Not is what it is.
It is difficult on days like today not to give up on my quest to find
answers to my health problems.
I'm just so tired of hurting.

Despite my mood and my pain,
I still found 2 things to be thankful for today...
one is driving without any radio, phone, or children noise.
It is so delicious to be all alone with one's thoughts sometimes,
is it not?

Second, I am thankful for a fellow artist at the gallery where I show my work.
While I was putting in my floor time he stopped in to pick something up.
I took the opportunity to talk with him about plein air painting.
He is teaching an upcoming workshop on the topic
and he is accomplished in that form of art.
He was very generous with his time and knowlege
(and very patient with my utter lack of knowledge).
He took the time to answer my very novice questions about the art form
and even showed me some examples in his work.  
Our discussion even gave me a new perspective about photography and digital art.
For his knowledge and grace, I am thankful.

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