Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Dream

Today I am thankful for the most incredible dream I had last night.
I had to get up, create this, and record the dream so I could always remember it.

I had a dream that I was hiking in a straight line, single file, with many people.
There was an older man (perhaps my father...his energy felt like my father)
directly behind me and he told me that I had been selected to receive a special gift.
I never once saw his face because I was not allowed to turn around...
I had to stay facing forward.
He asked if I was willing to accept this gift and I told him yes.
He asked if I was willing to accept the job that came along with this gift,
which was one of a conservationist...I had to agree to protect the earth and wildlife
for the rest of my days, using this special gift I would receive.
I agreed.

As I agreed, our line of hikers was reaching the edge of a large lake,
similar to Deep Creek, but the scenery was a bit different.
As I was getting ready to step forward into the water,
I felt a hand on my shoulder blades and another on my lower back.
Before my foot hit the water, I was magically lifted into the air and soared high above the earth,
gently held by the hands of the man on my back.

The feeling of fear was there (I am scared of heights) but I was calm.
I closed my eyes until he gently talked me into opening them and seeing the world below,
wind in my face and the lightest I have ever felt before.
I could hear soft male voice laughter as I opened my eyes and sucked in my breath
looking at the beauty below...tree tops, crystal blue lake, amazing sky...
it was quite literally breath taking.
Just when it felt as if my lungs would explode,
he guided us back to the lake and just when I thought I was going to splash down in the water,
my feet touched the surface and we walked on water.
I was walking on water.
The realization filled me with amazement and wonder.
I could feel the male presence smile behind me.

We gently walked back onto shore and once again I was asked 
if I would like to receive this gift with the responsibility it held.
I said yes again, overwhelmed with questions.
Why me?
Why was I chosen?
Just as I was about to turn and look into the face of my benefactor,
the one who so gently guided me along my way and shared this gift with me,
he disappeared.
I don't remember anything else...I woke up.

I woke up in the best mood...
I felt like I had just had an extraordinary experience.
I was filled with warmth and happiness and I was exhilarated.

If that isn't something to be grateful for, I don't know what is.


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