Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Pioneer- Digital Collage

Digital Collage from various vintage papers 

Ten things that made me smile this past week, in no particular order, of course:

1.  This collage artist.  Love love love her work.

2.  Having lunch and catching up with a great friend and hearing about all of the wonderful things happening in her life.  So proud of where she is and where she is going.  There is nothing better than celebrating life accomplishments with a good friend.  Lifting each other up is what it is all about.

3.  Watching my daughter perform in her drama classes' children's theatre as a bossy, over-the-top stage manager in the play Red vs. The Wolf.  Her performance was fantastic and I can tell she loves drama so much.  Nothing better than watching your kids do what they love.

4.  This post from Lady Fi.  Ahhhhh...I would so love to be there right now.

5.  This delicious concoction!  Yep, this made me smile.  I know I am not supposed to have caffeine, and it does have a few ingredients I try to stay away from (sugar for one), but man, when I tasted this I had to have them.  So, to keep my diet as clean as possible, I only have 1/2 carton every 3-5 days as a special treat.  So thankful that all ingredients are organic, gluten free, and dairy free or I wouldn't be able to have it!

6.  Passing inspection for the next phase of our building project!  They are getting ready to pour concrete for our wrap-around porch, the mudroom, the garage, the storage space, and the work-out room!  Can't wait for all of this to be finished so they can concentrate on getting my studio/office space drywalled!

7.  Seeing my son's college class list for next year.  He will be taking 15 credits in the fall and I am so excited for him and this next phase of his life.  So proud of the young man he if we can just get him through college!

8.  These block heads made me smile.  I dare you not to. ;)

9.  The show The Willis Family- Y'all know I am a sucker for reality shows, and I really like this family!  I've enjoyed the first two episodes so far.

10. Hearing my youngest son got his first hit this baseball season...a hard smack right down third base line that landed in outfield.  It should have been a double as his coach was telling him to go to second, but he was so excited about getting a hit that he stopped on first and jumped up and down cheering and didn't hear his coach signal for him to continue to second base!  I missed the hit because I took my oldest daughter at her semi-final tournament soccer game at the same time; but it was great to hear my son tell me the story and see his face light up as he recounted the details.

Hoping you have a wonderful Thursday!  xo

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