Thursday, July 2, 2015

In Common With Jellyfish

We have a huge amount of DNA in common with jellyfish. 
At the deepest level, all living things that have ever been looked at have the same DNA code. 
And many of the same genes.

I am fascinated with the idea of evolution and DNA and all things nature. When I read this quote and sat back to contemplate it, it really struck me that so many living things, particularly animals, contain such huge amounts of similar DNA.  It would seem that we really are interconnected with the living things here on earth.  I do not discount religion at all in the making of the earth and its inhabitants.  I believe religion tells us who and science tells us how.  For me it is not contradictory to say I see God's hand in the world  every day yet I can also see how evolution occurs.  

The kids and I have been studying Piet Mondrian in art for homeschool and we are also talking about color theory (starting with very basic concepts such as primary, secondary, and complimentary colors). So, this piece was not only inspired by the quote above (I started with a vintage portrait of a man whose beard reminded me of a jellyfish's tentacles) but also by our study of Mondrian.  I wanted the man to still be recognizable as a human, but make him more jellyfish-like in shape. I actually used an overlay of a jellyfish to choose details to pull out of the man's portrait as I worked through this piece.  I stayed with a red, yellow, blue in honor of Piet Mondrian (although on my laptop it looks more orange than I'd like...I'll have to work with the printer to make it print exactly how I want the colors to be) and kept it as minimal as possible yet still retain his distinct features.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday...Friday and the holiday weekend are knocking on the door!  xo

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