Friday, July 3, 2015

June 2015 Lyme Update

I recently had my check-up with my doctor about my Lyme and co-infection progress.  It was a great visit as he was very happy with my progress since last visit. All of my symptoms of Bartonella have subsided for now (pain in the soles of my feet, anxiety, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.) and I feel the best I have in two years.  The only symptoms I am dealing with right now is continued joint pain (mostly in my shoulders right now), some back pain, and some minor exhaustion (although much better than it has been). The back pain is also a symptom of my herniated disk in L5S1, so I am babying that to try to keep it from getting any worse. Standing on my feet all day teaching (homeschool) is not helpful, so I have to be careful. The good news is I am moving in the right direction! This time last year I pretty much remained indoors all summer and was very sick. I was unable to travel and couldn't really do much on my own. World of difference from one year ago.

We decided to switch up two of my anti-microbial herbal medications to two others so that we can pulse those, attacking the bacteria from different angles. Hopefully I will be on the new medication for about two months, switch back for two months and then switch back again. The research I have read indicates that pulsing either antibiotics or anti-microbial herbals is helpful in beating Lyme. So, that is the current plan.

My doctor ordered new blood work to see exactly where I am with my adrenals, liver function, blood counts, and immune system function. I am excited to get this completed in about 6 weeks and get the results at my new appointment.  I am hoping my results will give us medical evidence that I am improving (besides me just feeling better.)  I prefer the numbers to support what I am feeling, lol. I haven't had blood work completed in about 7 months, so I am hoping we see a difference.

I continue on my gluten free/dairy free/sugar free/caffeine free whole-foods diet and my weight is continuing to remain stable. There are days I still struggle with this, especially when I am traveling, but after almost a year it has become second nature. I still crave a piece of real pizza and a cappuccino every now and again, though!

I probably won't do a monthly update from now on since I am seeing my doctor once every two months. There isn't much to tell in between other than how I feel daily (which is not necessary!) so, whenever I get an update from my doctor, I will update here.

Since I have started this journey of healing, I have been contacted by so many people asking about my situation with Lyme and co-infections because they or someone they know is suffering. While I would rather not have Lyme, Bartonella, Ehrlichea, and C. Pneumonia, I am glad that I can help others who find themselves in the same situation I am in. If I have learned anything about this process, I am happy to pass it on and help others along the way, so if you know of anyone who thinks they may have Lyme and need some direction (I don't give medical advice but can give resources to those seeking information...and a sympathetic ear to those who are suffering), please feel free to pass along my blog and have them contact me through the contact button.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend! Happy Birthday, America!

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