Monday, October 17, 2016

The Lost Balloons- Travel Art By Tracey Grumbach

The Lost Balloons- digital art by Tracey Grumbach

The sun was so huge that night. I've never really experienced a sun that looked that big before as it crept toward the horizon. I've seen my fair share of sunsets, but not one quite like this. The din of the board walkers/bikers/fair goers was dimmed by the roar of the Pacific waves crashing into the Santa Monica shore and the gulls fussing over their last few chances to grab a bite before nightfall. One distinct sound I heard, though, was the sorrowful cry of a young child as the balloons she was holding were accidentally released. The helium that gave them form, lighter than the atmosphere surrounding them, gave lift to the pink spheres, guiding them away from Earth's pull toward the heavens. It was all very dreamlike and enchanting...the kind of moment you read about in a storybook and certainly a memory one wants to hold on to forever.


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