Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Horse In the Buttercups- Baltimore Digital Artist

No doubt he heard me coming through the long field. His ears were pricked behind him, listening, and his nose was working to smell me. I moved slowly and deliberately, wanting to get as near as I could. The grass in the field was long, my high muck boots swishing as I moved forward, a sound he did not much like. The split second after taking this image, the click from the shutter startled him and he began walking slow circles, snorting his irritation before finally walking away, alerting the rest of the herd that an annoying stranger was near. And then they were all gone over the rolling hills toward the barn in the distance.

Today is the day I have been waiting for for three weeks. I am hoping to get the stitches out of my mouth from my recent jaw surgery. I am a bit nervous as they need to take the stitches out and then remove the membranes that are covering the bone graft. I hope all is healing well and the procedure is easy and painfree. I would appreciate any thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


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