Friday, November 4, 2016

There Are Joys That Long To Be Ours

Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach of Nine Acres Designs, LLC

There are joys that long to be ours. 
God sends ten thousands truths, 
which come about us like birds seeking inlet;
but we are shut up to them, 
and so they bring us nothing,
but sit and sing awhile upon the roof,
and then fly away.

-Henry Ward Beecher

God is good. This week I went back to one of my doctor's and had a repeat VCS test. The VCS test is a neurological test (although it seems like a vision test) that identifies the potential of biotoxins in the body (produced by mold, Lyme, and co-infections). For the first time, two rows of the test came back normal! Different rows on the test help determine different things and the two rows that improved to normal were indicative that the current treatment I am on for my re-exposure this summer is working! I also increased my score (although still not normal) in two other rows as well. The area I still need the most work, according to this test, is my vascular system. I am still not getting all the blood and oxygen I need to the brain or other parts of my body such as my hands and feet (which I believe why my hands and feet are constantly freezing!) But, this is the first time I have EVER done this well on this test--the doctor and I are thrilled! My husband was with me in the exam room and we all high fived and whooped and hollered that I did so well. It is such a relief after all this time fighting Lyme, co-infections, and then mold that I am getting some positive progress.

In addition to that, there is guarded good news for my cousins' kids who were in a terrible car accident about 10 days ago. My cousin's son has been opening his eyes briefly now for two days. He is still very critical, as is his sister who is still unconscious, but it was a bright light in a long and difficult journey this far. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. They do work. God hears you and He is working miracles!

A bit about this digital art piece...I was sitting at a stop light on the way home from the doctor yesterday when I spotted these three birds on the roof of building. I grabbed my phone and took the shot. Then, later, I added textures, the tree, and the sun. Then, I digitally painted it a bit for this final result. Here is the original, nasty, horrible photo that was hastily taken out of my truck window and then I turned it into the above. Hope you enjoyed this rare before/after!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be safe and be kind to each other.


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