Monday, February 13, 2017

Hunger Moon- Mobile Art by Harford County Artist

About this image: Around my town there are tons of buildings that reveal the history of this place. As I drive around on my daily chores I often see these dilapidated old buildings that once were in their prime and serving some sort of important function. As time has passed these businesses, farms, orchards, silos, and houses have been lost. Nature has started to reclaim many of them, the owners have neglected them, and yet they still stand with dignity for their once purposeful life. It is not unlike how we treat our elderly and sick in this country. It is a shame, really.

This building is on a piece of land that is a favorite of mine. It is one of many buildings that have been abandoned. I believe it was an orchard at one point. I was able to capture this image without having to trespass as it is near a main public road but the other buildings would require me to walk onto private property. Perhaps one day I will get permission to do so. In the making of this image, I used a texture from one of my favorite texture creators, Cheryl Tarrant of Distressed Textures.  She has some really dreamy, fairy-tale textures that I absolutely love, so check her out.

It is a crazy windy day here in Maryland. Last night at about 10:30PM it sounded and felt like a freight train plowing through. I've never seen anything like it. One second it was perfectly still (I took the dog out before bed) and the next minute it felt as if the house was going to fly away. It literally was that fast. There was no build up of a breeze, it was immediate 50-60 mph winds. Weird. So far we still have power (which in a rural, wooded area such as where I live is a stinking miracle) and there is no structural damage to the house so far that we can see. I am sure before it is all said and done there will be some large branches or possibly some trees down. I hope everyone stays safe and has a beautiful Monday.


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