Friday, June 30, 2017

Let Go- Those Precious Morning Hours

Let Go- Digital Collage by Tracey Grumbach  (stock image of woman from Pixabay)

In the very early morning hours my alarm goes off. I don't have anywhere to be or anything to do except start the day with my first dose of medicine that needs to be taken on an empty stomach...thus the 6:30AM chimes dinging on my iPhone. After taking the two pills that are on my bedside table, I breathe in the day and often times climb out of bed despite the exhaustion. I never have been an early riser and I still hate it. However, I have a new appreciation for those quiet hours before the kids rise and start their day. I have claimed that time for let go. To do the quiet things that bring me joy.

Today I spent this time beginning a new art project in the online class I'm taking...Figurescapes. I found myself not only learning all about an app I've had for a long time but never used, but I also felt myself let go as I began the project. I was so mindful in that moment...nothing else existed except for me, my iPhone, and the stylus as I drew an abstract figure on the screen. All the thoughts, feelings, worries, and obligations this day will bring melted away. I didn't allow myself to become "precious" (as one of my favorite art podcasters, The Jealous Curator of Art for Your Ear, calls it) and didn't freak out when I made mistakes. Those mistakes turned into beautiful opportunities to make my work unique and unlike the instructor's. It was free flowing and fun and invigorating to be doing something completely unlike the art I have done in the past. Before I knew it, the two hours had passed that I need to wait until I eat. I didn't even feel a hunger pang the entire time I was working because I was so completely engrossed.

This "let go" time for me is so important in my healing and in my sanity. Just as I was finishing up the very first step of this art project, I heard footsteps and toilets flushing downstairs in our living area. I came back to the present feeling refreshed for having this time to myself to be creative, present, and mindful. Now I am ready to care for my family for the rest of the day, but my mind will be on this new project, ever anxious and excited to grab just a few more minutes to myself to see where this project takes me next.

Tonight I will be working the Opening Reception at Arts By the Bay Gallery from 6PM-9PM where 5 of my framed pieces will be hanging and 10 matted pieces will be available in the print bins. I hope you can stop in and say hello...I love meeting everyone!

Have a beautiful weekend. See you on the other side of the weekend. xo

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