Monday, July 3, 2017

No Fear- Figurescapes Project 1

No Fear- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach
In my new Figurescapes class I am taking, this is my completed first project. It is totally out of the realm of what is "normal" for me- an abstract human figure. I rarely include humans in my digital art work and when I do they are typically self portraits. While I really enjoyed and loved this first project and while I learned a ton, both about myself and about apps and artistic process, I am not sure this is exactly "me."  But, that is ok. The point was to push myself out of my artistic box and see what I can learn. I will continue exploring this type of art to see if I can apply more of "my style" to it and make it more me.

I titled it "No Fear" because that was my mantra going into this project and it stuck with me throughout the weekend. I often times find my fear of failure holding me back from trying new things, so I thought it was an appropriate title for my first project. Those words also popped into my mind when I thought about the defiant body posture the figure is taking in this piece. She looks strong and fearless and powerful in her stance. No Fear. I love it. Can you see the cursive written words "no fear" toward the bottom of the piece in her leg area? Just a sweet reminder to myself to let me fears go and let the process work unhindered.

What do you fear? How is this holding you back from achieving your goals or holding you back from trying new things? How can you overcome this fear? Talk to me...

Have a great Monday and a fantastic Independence Day. I may or may not have a post tomorrow, so if I don't, have a safe holiday!


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