Monday, October 9, 2017

Spirit of the Heart Award- Dedicated to All of You!

Yesterday Brian, the twins, and I went to Sibley Hospital in Washington D.C. to hear Dr. Neil Spector speak. He was incredible! His story is one of perseverance and hope and I was so thankful to be able to attend his lecture. He not only talked about his own battle with Lyme, which caused him to have a heart transplant, but he also discussed how his experience and research in oncology is closely related to Lyme and the treatment of the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. It truly was fascinating! I was so happy to shake his hand and thank him for all his hard work in bringing this issue to light and his help in pushing current research forward for Lyme Disease. I was gifted his book, Gone In a Heartbeat: A Physician's Search for True Healing, by the amazing director of Harford Lyme Advocates, Janet Jensen, and started reading it immediately after the lecture yesterday. It is captivating and I highly recommend it to anyone with a chronic illness or who takes care of someone with a chronic illness. He truly is an inspiration with his will to live and his compassion as a healer.

One of the best moments of the day for me was after the presentation when I turned to see my own Lyme doctor in attendance! How wonderful is it that the man taking care of me is taking his personal time to seek further viewpoints and theories behind this tricky disease? It made my heart soar to know he is still seeking education and understanding from his colleagues even though he himself has written a book about beating Lyme Disease. Awesome.

In addition, NatCapLyme Association honored me with their Spirit of the Heart Award to recognize my work in raising awareness of and funds for Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses in Harford County and beyond. It is my honor and pleasure to give back by supporting research, education, and legislation for this horrible disease. I want to dedicate the Spirit of the Heart Award to everyone who has supported me in my efforts with my Ticked Off events over the last three years! I could not have done this without the undying help from family, friends, fellow artists, and patrons! We are getting the word out and making a difference! This award is for all of you! Thank you! Here are a few pictures from the event:

Dr. Neil Spector- a unique voice for the Lyme community

Monte Skall of NatCapLyme giving me the Spirit of the Heart Award

Spirit of the Heart Award from NatCapLyme

Susan Green, Esq.
Susan Green is the amazing lawyer who has helped and continues to help push through legislation to protect Lyme patients in Maryland and Virginia. She had the honor of introducing Dr. Neil Spector prior to his presentation.

One of the many slides Dr. Neil Spector had in his presentation explaining the similarities between cancer and Lyme Disease.

Dr. Neil Spector's Book

Again, thank you all for your continuing support in raising awareness and research funds for Lyme Disease.


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