Monday, October 9, 2017

40/365- Arizona Inn 1

Arizon Inn at sunset in Tucson Arizona
One of the unique buildings of the Arizona Inn at dusk

Privacy, quiet, and sunshine. -Arizona Inn


Brian and I had the pleasure of staying at this historical Inn in Tucson when we were there. It is a gorgeous, unique hotel that was built in the 1930s and is still family owned today. We absolutely loved our stay there and would love to go back one day. The service, the restaurant, and the history of the place was truly amazing. If you are ever in Tucson, consider staying here. The Arizona Inn has been the highlight of several recent blog posts including Sun Setting Over Arizona Inn, Arizona Bicycle, Evening at the Pool, and In the Shadow of the Sun King. It will also be the the feature of several upcoming posts. I took tons of photos here because I loved the unique set up and architecture. I also loved the Arizona Inn's signature salmon and blue colors. So much to love!

Be sure to check back on the blog today at noon for a special post about my visit to Washington D.C. yesterday! Photos and commentary about the award ceremony and the presentation by Dr. Neil Spector will be featured on that post!

Stay dry today, y'all.  Have a fantastic Monday!


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