Thursday, May 1, 2014


Don't you love the word "flittering?"
Flitter here...flitter there...flitter everywhere.

Day 2 of my sketch journal.
I was inspired by this one when I saw the hummingbirds
have returned to my backyard feeders.
I just love, love, love their energy and spunk.

I am finding that I am more relaxed than I have been
in a very long time when I put on music
and just doodle, letting my mind clear and my hand move.
Doodling should really be a kind of therapy, should it not?

I do have to admit, though,
that my hand ached last night.
It is not conditioned to all this doodling :)

The best part about this?
When my children came home from school today
they saw my sketch book and wanted to paint...
soooooo, I broke out the canvases and the acrylic paint
and let them have at it.  
I am glad my being creative is inspiring them to be creative.
Not to mention it is quality time with my kids.

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