Friday, September 19, 2014

Leap of Faith

I don't like constantly talking about my illness
because it is not who I am and it does not define me.
With that being said, the reason I do talk about it publicly is
because if I can help one person or make one person
feel as if he/she is not alone in this battle, 
then talking about it is worth it.

Today I am thankful that my family and I have been able to raise awareness
about the dangers of tick-born illnesses to people we know and care about.
My husband had a call from a tearful client today 
and she expressed gratitude that he had saved her life.
This particular client always asks about me and the kids when she calls my husband,
so he had told her about the struggle we have been going through with my illness.
Turns out she was bitten by a tick over the weekend and didn't think much about it
until the next day when she noticed a bruise developing around the bite site.

She remembered what my husband had told her about my illness and about 
tick-born illnesses in general and she got an uneasy feeling about her own tick bite.
She sought medical advice and it turns out she did indeed have a dangerous tick-born illness...
That trip to the doctor for early diagnosis very well may have saved her life.
She is being treated for the illness and is expected to make a full recovery.

In every dark time, there is light that shines.
All of us can use our own stories and experience to connect with and help others,
whatever that story may be.
Our common experiences connect us as humans and if that means 
giving up my prideful ways to talk about this disease in order to possibly help others,
then so be it.

Many have been asking me to discuss more about my experience with Chronic Lyme 
and I have agreed to do that, but I don't want it to be the focus of the blog.
So, I've added a tab at the top where I will add some information little by little
in hopes that it may help others.

This picture was taken at the bus stop with the twins. 
Each of them found a rock and using their imagination,
played hopscotch on a non-existing hopscotch grid. be in first grade again with unlimited enthusiasm, energy, and imagination.
I love those kids.


  1. a. her boots are adorable. b. for bravery - opening up, raising awareness, pushing through! c. even as you share about what you're going through, I don't for a second think of it as defining you. It's a thing. A very rough thing. But YOU are facing it, learning from it, struggling through it and overcoming. Those are universal qualities that can help whether we're facing chronic illness, loss, the daily grind, substance abuse, or - well - whatever! Very powerful stuff. Keep it coming!

    1. LOL, I know, right? Those boots are the bomb and she adores them. Cutest thing EVER! I so appreciate your comments...I never ever want to bore people with my problems as we all have issues and struggles in life. Mine are no greater than anyone else and I never for one minute think I have it tougher than anyone else...soooooo...that is why I have a complex about talking about it (besides the fact that it doesn't define me.) ;)


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