Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Last Bit of Summer

Seen At the Movie Theater
Today I am thankful that I had enough energy to go watch my oldest daughter play
her first soccer game of the season yesterday.
She played a great game and had an awesome assist.
Her team won 2-0, and it was a great start to a beautiful season on her newly melded team
that consists of girls from previous rival teams.
It is a thing of beauty when previous rivals learn to work together for a common cause.

I do wish to extend my well wishes to the girl who possibly broke her leg in yesterday's game.
Soccer can truly be a rough sport, especially at this age, so I am praying
that this person has a quick and full recovery very soon.

As the summer winds down today,
I am reflecting back at how monumentally life-changing these months have been for me.
I lost my father.
But, I still have my mother, thank God.

I lost even more of my health (when I didn't think that was possible.)
But, I found answers.
I now have a name for the terrible hell that lives under my skin.

I am holding my head high and moving into my favorite season with anticipation
and thankfulness that I have such a blessed life.
No, life is not perfect and it is a daily struggle right now,
but I have amazing family and friends surrounding me,
lifting me up when I need it most.
I am looking forward to autumn and all the changes it will bring.

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