Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sneak Attack

Today I am thankful to be home after spending the day in the hospital yesterday.
There is certainly something to be said about sleeping in your own bed
as opposed to a hospital gurney.
Unfortunately, the start of school also means the start of many illnesses 
coming home from all four kids being in close indoor contact with other children.
Normally it is just a part of life, but for me it is dangerous because my immune system
is so depleted that a simple virus can land me in the hospital with 
severe dehydration and in need of IV fluids.
Severe dehydration can then cause heart rate issues and shortness of breath,
which is what happened to me.
After a course of anti-vomiting medication and several bags of IV fluids,
I am now home again.
Thank goodness...

This image was taken near my feeder when two finches decided to 
try and peck each other's eyes out.
No harm was done to either bird that I could tell and both
eventually agreed to feed on opposite sides of the feeder.

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