Thursday, September 18, 2014

Escape The Darkness

This digital art piece is dedicated to all the domestic abuse victims out there.
As a survivor myself, I am so thankful that this horrible and pervasive problem is 
being brought to light, albeit in a horrible manner, through arrests of those
in the National Football League.
One in three women have been a victim of this crime.
Wrap your brain around that.
One in you go about your day today, 
look at the women you pass and think...every three women you pass
one of them have been effected by domestic violence.

While I won't go into my story personally on this public forum,
I can say that I totally understand what these women have/are going through
and I also understand why they stay with their abusers.  
I stayed for 4 years.

Many would be surprised that although I wouldn't wish my experience on anybody,
I would not change my experience if I could.
When people ask if I would go back and make different choices to change my experience,
my answer is always NO.
I wouldn't change a thing for two reasons.
First, enduring that 4 years helped create the person I am today.
It lead me down a path that landed me in this life that I have now and I wouldn't 
change 4 years of suffering to get where I am today.
Secondly, I believe it has made me a better mother.
I know the signs and symptoms to look for as my teenage son and daughter 
enter a time in their life when they will start dating.
I am ultra-sensitive to teaching my children to respect all people 
and teaching them that no means no.  Period.
I have been open with my older children about my experience,
in general terms...they don't need to know details,
and about how it changed me and my life permanently.
So that is why I wouldn't go back and change anything.
I believe it has made me a stronger person and a better mother.

I am glad that finally, domestic abuse is getting the attention it needs.
The harder question is how to stop it.
In order to stop it, we must somehow change the hearts of the people
and that is a very complicated task given the destruction of family unit in America.
I don't have a solution but I do have a voice
and my voice is saying, "I understand."

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