Friday, April 24, 2015

A Little Friday Smile Party

The pier at Venice Beach in Florida

Ten things that made me smile this week.

1.  Wild-  Have you seen it yet?  I loved it and now want to read the book more than ever!  This movie really resonated with me and I connected with the main character very closely.  I can't wait to get the book and start reading!

2.  The Theory of Everything- Loved this one too. Check it out if you have not.  Truly a humbling experience to watch this movie and wrap my brain around this man's life and accomplishments despite his illness.  I also was in awe of his wife, Jane, who was an amazing person in her own right.

3.  Girls Night Out!  Yep, Wednesday night I went out with three other girlfriends to....wait for it...the library!  :)  You know you are getting old when your girls' night out is to the local library for a Science Cafe presentation.  We went to hear a program about the brain and how the brain is affected by illnesses such as Lyme.  It was informative and I really enjoyed spending some time with the neighborhood ladies (two of which also have Lyme.)

4.  Watching my oldest daughter play soccer-  She had two games this week and I truly love watching her play, especially since she will be aging out of the program soon.  These moments are sweet...sitting on the sideline and cheering for her team.  So far they have won 2 and tied 1 game...good start to the season.

5.  Helping my son pick out a corsage for his date to prom- Now that he is 18, in school, and has a job, I rarely see him!  We both live in this house, but we are like ships passing in the night.  So, any time I get to spend with him one on one is special and I treasure it.  We drove to the local florist this week to order his date's corsage and we had a wonderful conversation in the car.  It made it sweeter when he said thank you to me when we got home.  <3

6.  Spring cleaning and selling some "junk" at a flea market and consignment shop- Last Saturday I participated in a local flea market and made over $100 getting rid of things we don't use anymore!  It felt good to get rid of the piles of stuff, it felt good to sit with two friends all day while they were selling their stuff, it felt good to have the skin burn my skin slightly, and it felt good to chat with all the friendly people as they walked around!  It was a great (albeit exhausting) day!

7.  The Sketchbook Project-  Have you heard of this?  Sounds very cool and interesting and I am thinking about participating one day!  So cool that you can randomly flip through some sketchbooks digitally...could lose myself for hours doing this!

8.  KIND Healthy Grains Peanut Butter Clusters in a bowl with sliced up banana and almond milk.  Yum!  I have a 3 pack delivered right to my door through Amazon.  Life is good.

9.  Getting a call from The Gallery at 122 Main asking to keep my work in the gallery for one more show.  Yes, yes, yes!

10.  Inching closer to making a huge life/family decision that has been weighing on my mind for quite a while now.  I just have to go with my gut and trust God.  The whispering in my heart is there for a reason.  It feels good to be a few steps and a few answers closer to pulling the trigger.  No one likes unresolved life choices hanging out there.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I will be sending my son off to his senior prom on Saturday and construction on my new office/studio will continue this weekend, so it should be a good one for me!  TGIF!

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