Monday, June 29, 2015


As I've mentioned before, I am a people watcher, which is why my true love in the photography genre is street photography.  Recently, on our trip to New York, I found myself on the street outside a wonderful little restaurant called Serendipity 3 (see below).  We had 9:00 PM reservations to try out their famous desert menu (my one splurge while in New York) but we arrived about a half an hour early, not being sure of how long it would take in a cab to get there.  I never mind arriving to places early, although I can't stand being late, because I can always people watch.  There was a crowd gathered outside the restaurant, all trying to get in, as it were, and it was a perfect scenario for me and my iPhone.  As I walked up and down the row of stores (I happen to love glass window fronts too), I happened upon this scene and it really captured my attention.

I loved that the store's name was Dejavu and that the woman was sitting there, in front of the window of a closed store, just gazing at the display.  Her body position and head tilt really spoke to me and I imagined that she was daydreaming about the outfits in the store, perhaps reminiscing about a younger time in her life when those outfits would have been more practical.  The lighting coming from the window set such a great mood and I couldn't resist stepping back and capturing this scene.

Today is a wonderful day because I am beginning our homeschool journey with my twin second graders. They are excited, as am I, and I can't wait to find our rhythm and groove in daily life.  Since my studio/office space is still under construction (but getting closer!), we will be working out of my kitchen, temporarily.  Maybe one day I will put a picture up of our temporary "classroom" on Nine Acres Designs Facebook page.  During this transition time where we are finding our stride, my blogging may take a more sporadic schedule, but I am going to do my best to keep up with it as much as possible.  Please say a prayer for us that this was the correct decision for my kiddos and family!

I'm hoping everyone has a fabulous week...sending love all around.  xo

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