Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Impression of Sunflower

Digital drawing/painting of a sunflower- iPhone and desktop used for this creation

It's crazy how excited I am becoming about homeschooling.  After months of contemplation about what was best for my kids and for our family as a whole, the decision was finally made several weeks ago to go for it.  Since then my mind has let go of the anxiety of the decision making and my heart has embraced the joy of this journey I am about to take with my kiddos.  Many of you may not know that I actually have a degree in teaching, so this is right up my alley.  My two loves in life are teaching and art.  Now I get to do both while getting to spend time with my little people and get to learn more about them as human beings.  How lucky am I?

I ordered a curriculum that will cover all of the academic subjects for the kids, but this program is a bit weak in the music and art department.  So, I set out to create my own music and art curriculum and I have finished planning my first music unit...Introduction to the Orchestra.  I know less than nothing about music, so this is a learning experience for me as well.  I utilized free materials from my library (which is awesome, by the way)...books, cd's, movies, websites, etc. to complete this unit and I have planned a trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with the kids so they can see the real artistry in action!  This is so exciting.  I am in heaven!

In addition, we have joined a Homeschool Co-Op and I will be teaching middle and high schoolers photography...studying the science and art of photography as well as studying famous photographers and their work! I am even thinking about having them at the end of the class put on an exhibit! Are you kidding me?  This is my life?  What joy I have in sharing this gift with other homeschool kids!  I finally feel with this decision, everything I've wanted for my kids, my family, and myself is finally falling into place.  Homeschool, teaching, art, photography, music, learning, being with my kids daily...pure bliss.  I. Can. Not. Wait.

Remind me I said that when I am overwhelmed and the kids are on my last nerve.  I might be excited, but I am not naive about how it will be.  I know it won't all be rainbows and unicorns.  But life never is...we will just take it one day at a time and I will keep reminding myself how incredibly blessed I am to have this opportunity.

Now, if my health would just fall in line, life would be pretty darn perfect.  :)


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