Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding Some Separation

Compartmentalizing my life into definable sections has always been difficult for me. My work affects my family and and my family affects my work. My illness affects every aspect of my life. So that is why I've blogged about art, my family, homeschooling, and chronic Lyme here on this blog even though each topic is very different. I've decided, though, that many of you who visit are interested in art, not necessarily homeschooling, although some of you are interested in both. So, I've started a new blog (good grief, what am I thinking?) specifically about homeschooling. I will be writing about my adventures with my twin second graders as we figure out homeschooling together on a blog called Nine Acres Academy: A Homeschool MisAdventure (under construction). That way if you are here to read about art and/or Lyme, you won't have to filter through all of my homeschooling talk. If you are not interested in those things but are curious about the kids and what we are doing here at home, you can check out the other blog. Of course, if both interest you, then you can read along with both. ;) I will link this blog with the other and vice versa so that you can toggle back and forth between the two. Check back in a few days and I hope to have everything up and running.

With that said, a lot is going on professionally right now. As you know, This Side of Forever (this blog) will be featured in Stampington and Company's Artful Blogging magazine fall issue. Several of my digital art pieces and a written article by me will be featured. In addition, I will be having a solo show at The Gallery at 122 Main in beautiful Elkton during the month of October. I hope, for that show, to be partnering with Harford Lyme Advocates, a chapter of the National Capital Lyme and Tick Born Diseases Association that serves Harford and surrounding counties to support those affected by Lyme and to help bring awareness to this growing epidemic. Part of the proceeds from this show will be going back to the local Lyme community! Discussions are still underway as far as the details but I am thrilled at being able to give back and raise awareness about this terrible disease. You all know I suffer from chronic Lyme as well as two co-infections so this is a cause very close to my heart. I will be showing some photography as well as some digital artwork (final decisions about pieces have not been made at this point) in that show. I am very much looking forward to both opportunities!

Because I have been homeschooling, I haven't had as much time for digital art, but I am still working behind the scenes!  I am currently working on a concept using this beautiful vintage photo (that I have colorized here). It has been a pleasure working on this next piece and I am looking forward to completing her. She will end up being a digital collage painting, so I still have a long way to go! The concept is still in development, but I feel a connection to her already.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I will be working on this piece this evening, so maybe in the next few days she will be ready for her big reveal!  I am also working on the first post to my homeschooling blog, so be sure to check that out too if you are interested. Hugs to all.  xo

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