Thursday, October 15, 2015


Time doesn't love you anymore 
But I-I-I I'm still knocking at your door.
~Mikky Ekko

When time doesn't love you anymore...a digital collage created from public domain elements, my own digital collection, and textures. I then applied a digital colored pencil technique (as opposed to painting) on part of the image to give it a more mystic feel. This piece created itself in my head when my daughter introduced me to the song Time by Mikky Eckko and this is what I visualized.  I truly loved the process of making this jump from my brain to the screen. A huge thank you to all the other artists and photographers out there who donate images to the public domain and allow collage artists to use pieces and elements of your work for our creative processes!

A detail view of the elements in the mixed media piece, Time.

Have an amazing Thursday, y'all!

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