Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pick Up Now

This image was taken during a much needed detox bath filled with hot water and epsom salts. This ritual means more to me than absorbing the minerals offered from the salts. It also means release of pent up emotions and stress, a deep sigh into the water, which releases soothing negative ions, with the promise of 45 glorious silent minutes to myself.

I often read when I take a detox bath. I submerge my body in the water but I submerge my mind in a pool of words and let them carry me to another time and place where I become one of the characters, free from the pains of this body of mine.

I am very protective of this time because I know how good it is for my heart, soul, mind, and body. This year I am minimizing in all aspects of my life, including stress. If you've never tried an epsom salt bath, I highly recommend it.

Sending peace and love.


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