Thursday, June 9, 2016

That Spring Walk We Took

As she strolled along the wandering gravel path, off the main road through the small town, she gazed at all the old buildings that had been abandoned and were being swallowed up by nature again. The man-made structures were slowly falling apart while nature's vines, trees, and bushes were tightening their grip, closing in and suffocating what was left of a time long ago. Her dog pulled her along excitedly, the smells of spring awakening him from his long winter respite indoors. It occurred to her that these exact buildings were a metaphor for her. As she was getting older and fighting the remnants of disease inside her body, she felt inclined to be swallowed up by Mother Nature, a place where she felt loved, warm, and cared for. It was a place she could forget her pain and worries and focus on the gentle breeze on her face, the bird songs ringing in her ear, and the shocking spring green filling her vision. The air was fresh, crisp, and rather humid free for Maryland. It was healing, this air....

Thanks to all who have messaged and checked up on me.  I am doing relatively well and will update health information soon for those interested.  For now, please enjoy the above story with the digital painting, That Spring Walk We Took. I hope you like it. On a business note, I will be revealing 5 new-to-print art pieces on Friday, June 17th, at the Arts By the Bay Gallery in Havre de Grace. Four out of the five pieces are 1/150 limited editions and the fifth piece number is 2/150 because the first edition of that piece has already sold. Check out the details for the reception below...I hope you can join me and the other artists:

Thanks for being patient with the lack of activity on the blog. I'll be honest...I have my hands full right now with homeschooling the twins, end-of-the-year school events for my junior in high school, and a college student who is barely home between work and a girlfriend! In addition, I have been spending as much time outdoors as I can in my new organic garden along with the regular outdoor chores that come along this time of year on a small farm. I really am missing posting and am trying to schedule in time to write more frequently.  Have a great day!  xo

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