Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reinvent Yourself: Self Portrait

Here's the shiny secret nobody sitting in a cold clinical office is going to tell us, unless they have lived with cancer themselves: it is not a death sentence. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. No matter how long we get to live, cancer is going to wake us up to life.
_Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald
in Bella Grace Summer 2016 edition

Just replace the word "cancer" with "Lyme Disease" and this all still rings true. I define my life by "before" and "after"...Before I got Lyme Disease and After I got Lyme Disease.

After I got Lyme Disease I call "My Awakening" because it has taught so much about myself, life, my family, my friends, and frankly, the world. I have changed so much after putting all the pieces back together that Lyme shattered, you would not recognize me. The world owes me nothing. I am solely responsible for my own happiness and well-being. I took ownership and responsibility for my life. I look to the earth and nature to heal me (with amazing guidance from my holistic Lyme doctor). I choose how I spend my time carefully, as time is the most precious thing I have. I want to live simply and naturally and make steps daily to do just that. I have the power and control over how I react to the stimulus all around me, the sole dictator of my emotional well being. I have choice.

Do you know how powerful that realization was for me? It transformed my life. I know I would be a different person today, a person I like immensely less than the person I am now, if I had never been infected with Lyme. While I don't wish Lyme (or any chronic illness for that matter) on anyone, I am thankful for the way it has changed my perspective on myself, the people I surround myself with, and the world.

We all have the superpower of re-inventing ourselves. I am really the only thing I have complete and utter control of in this world. Me. Myself. I.


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