Thursday, August 25, 2016

Going Back From Whence We Came

Going Back From Whence We Came
Digital Art
Florida Waterway

I lay face down on the massage table, face nestled into the padded o-ring that supports my head. I exhale deeply and concentrate on releasing all the anxiety and tension from every muscle. As the massage therapist begins her work, I realize just how healing this process is. Not only is it amazing for my muscles and lymph system, it is balm for a sore mind too. As thoughts of my kids, work, chores, and all the other everyday life gunk creeps into my mind, I try to refocus my attention on the kneading hands, massaging away the sore spots. I clear my mind and think only of how each muscle feels under her hands. I am not great at meditating...I get frustrated when thoughts come flooding back into my mind, but having the sensation of touch is helpful because it gives me something tangible to focus on.

Once, when I was in EMDR therapy for PTSD, my therapist told me to imagine my perfect place of feeling safe, protected, and happy. I chose a warm beach that has soft sand, gentle waves, the perfect temperature, and no one else around. She told me to imagine being there, surrounded by a protective bubble of God's love and let that warm love enter each one of my cells. It was a great exercise to get me to have a focal point for meditating. So, this is where I bring myself in my mind when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. The only issue, as I mentioned earlier, is keeping my mind there. Thoughts always creep back in quickly and furiously! But with massage, concentrating on feeling, the sense of touch, is something to cling on to... and it is healing. Healing in more ways than one.

What do you do when you need to escape? Do you meditate? Are you good at it? What tips can you give me?


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