Friday, September 16, 2016

When At First I Learned to Speak- Digital Collage Inspired By Music

When at first I learned to speak 
I used all my words to fight 
With him and her and you and me 
Oh but it's just a waste of time 
Yeah, it's such a waste of time.

"I And Love And You"
The Avett Brothers

One of my favorite bands is the Avett Brothers. Of their many songs that I love, I And Love And You has always stuck with me for the amazing lyrics. This lyric, which is in the middle of the song, has always evoked a strong emotion in me. The first time I heard the song I pictured a boy screaming hate words. That image has been circulating in my brain since then...years.

I recently got back into digital collage and so I was immediately drawn back to those lyrics and this image. I was finally able to get what I was seeing in my head onto the screen. It feels like a mental sneeze to finally get out an art piece that has been circulating in my brain for a long time. Relief. 

I hope this digital collage stirred up a strong emotion in you. I know for me it reminds me to pay attention to the words I use and the tone in which I say them.  It truly is such a waste of time to spew hate words.  Have a great day!


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