Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Marsh in Winter- Mobile Art Landscapes

About this image: The marsh in the winter time may seem dead and lonely, but oh, how it deceives. As I walked around the perimeter of the wetland, I could feel the life teeming below the tall grass and reeds, just out of my sight. I could hear the high pitched warbling of the red-winged calling and another answering. I saw evidence of some beaver activity...a lodge of some sort, expertly built out of branches and piled high in a dome form rising from the shallow water. There was a sprinkling of sandy soil surrounding a freshly dug hole in the hillside ridge that divides of the low grounds and the high grounds. Ground squirrels were rustling about in the dry leaves that littered the ground, scrounging for a nut or a seed. The day was unusually warm for February in Maryland, temperatures nearly reaching a balmy 70 degrees. How was it possible that snow was forecast for overnight? A drop of nearly 40 degrees, ushered in on the wings of a windy arctic cold, was on its way. I wonder if the animals could sense it?

As I type this post, I am looking out my window, the same one I had cracked to the warm air yesterday, to see a light dusting of snow decorating the fields and trees. It looks like confectioner's sugar primly dusted over a sweet cookie. The wind is howling and the temperatures are continuing to drop. I am so thankful that I was able to get out for a walk yesterday. Today will be an inside, comfort day filled with good books, good music, a fire, and the smell of fresh laundry coming out of the dryer. I hope you are able to find some warm comfort today.


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