Friday, April 21, 2017

Baltimore Harbor- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

I have a love/hate relationship with Baltimore. At times it can be so pretty around the Inner Harbor area, full of life and fun. But much of the city is in disrepair and very dirty. I have many great memories in this city...the Hippodrome, Everyman Theater, Fort McHenry, Blasts games back in the day, the Aquarium and Science Center, etc. But honestly, when I drive through the city now I find it simply depressing. It feels like an old "has been" city with the infrastructure collapsing, the people fed up, and the town full of trash blowing down the street. I find it sad because there is so much potential if the government and the citizens would just care enough. I do love how the lights twinkle off the water at this is my ode to Baltimore...the pretty side of the city...the side of the city I would love to thrive.

Have an amazing Friday, y'all. I will be working at Arts By the Bay Gallery from 11:00AM-2:30PM tomorrow, so swing in and say hello.

One week from tonight will be the opening reception of the spring show which I am Featured Artist for. I will be showing 42 pieces! I'd love to see everyone! But if you can't make it then, please be sure to come on May 5th to the Ticked Off Event! Things are coming together for that event very nicely! 


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