Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Climbing the Mast- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

This weekend I was in Baltimore and since the weather was so nice, I took a walk around the harbor. As the sun was setting and I happened across a scene one does not usually see in today's world full of technology and modern inventions. It was a man climbing the mast of a tall ship. Immediately I gasped and a bout of empathetic acrophobia came over me as he climbed the swaying pole, ropes and lines seeming to envelope him like a wicked spider's web. I was quite impressed with how swiftly and easily he rose to the top, focused, it seemed, on completing whatever job it was he needed to complete. Later, a second man followed him up and together they worked on something. I left before they came back down, but I was able to capture a brief moment with my iPhone (oh, how I wished for my Mark III). I chose to leave the flag and all the ropes in frame because I felt it added visual context for the man climbing up. I could have zoomed in further, but I liked this framing better.

I am heading back to the doctor today to see about a new treatment plan. I would appreciate any and all prayers and/or good vibes you can afford to send this way. My husband, the twins, and I were all exposed to the flu this past Sunday, so I am hoping that none of us get it. People we were surrounded with in church have been confirmed to have it, so I can only hope for the best.

On a good note, I completed all the matting and framing of my new pieces that will be showing in Arts By the Bay Gallery's spring show, of which I will be the Featured Artist. I will be sending off the data to the hanging committee today, which allows me to sigh a great big sigh of relief. The months of preparation are finally paying off.

It is a beautiful day here around Baltimore and I hope it is wherever you are too. Have a splendid Tuesday, y'all.


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