Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Looking West- Self Portrait by Tracey Grumbach

Looking West is the result of a self portrait project I've been working on for a while now. I couldn't get the colors quite right and I wasn't happy with the initial "melting" look I was going for. But, after persistence and effort, I am finally calling it finished. I wanted the entire piece to reflect the contrasts of opposites I feel within myself. Warm colors vs. Cool colors. Straight lines vs. Curved lines. Reality vs. Fantasy. I feel like I two forces fighting with each other inside...Me and Lyme Me, which are opposites in so many ways. I wanted to visually reflect that in this piece. I was inspired to create the stepped, rectangular "melting" red "rocks" in this piece from hoodoos in the westerrn United States. I have always been fascinated by these rock outcroppings and wanted to incorporate the red colored earth and the tall vertical shapes in Looking West. Then, I added the cool colors and the circular "bubbles" to contrast with the tall red vertical spires.  I hope you like this piece.

I enjoyed my mini-vacation visiting my mother in Lynchburg to celebrate Easter. We had a great time as a family and we were sad to leave so soon. After so much preparation for being the Featured Artist for the spring show at Arts By the Bay, preparing for the May 5th Ticked Off event, and preparing for the May 20th Photo Walk Workshop, it was a much needed mental vacation from all the thinking. In addition to all of that, my oldest daughter has her senior prom and graduation from high school, my youngest boy is starting his baseball season, and my youngest daughter is knee deep in concert mode for her last two choral concerts of the year. It is a bit crazy around here, y'all.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. Please pray for Kimie, a dear friend and fellow artist, who was working with me to create the Ticked Off Lyme Disease Awareness necklaces. She has suffered a severe medical issue and has been hospitalized for weeks now. Her family would very much appreciate any and all prayers for her health as possible. Thank you! All Ticked Off Necklace orders will be postponed until her health is restored. Thanks for understanding!

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