Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Increase the Diffusion of Knowledge- Harford County Artist

Washington D.C.

Last night was one of those memorable nights as a mom; the moments that grab at my heart because I know I won't have many more opportunities for evenings like this with my two oldest children. After dinner, my oldest daughter, a senior in high school, and I sat down together to put together and send out her graduation announcements. As we were sitting there, working together elbow to elbow it was not far from my mind that in just a few short months she will be off living on her own in Florida. It strikes fear but also pride in my heart. I know she is ready, but am I? I am clinging to these memories as much as I can. Just as my heart was getting sad about my "baby" graduating, she decided to put on some funny videos for Brian and me to lighten the mood. Oh my gosh. As we were working, we laughed our butts off at these funny videos to the point of tears. After a while I begged for mercy because tears were streaming down my face, my belly and face muscles hurt, and it exhausted everything in me. Sometimes we just need a good belly laugh to fix everything that is wrong.

After wrapping up her graduation announcements, my oldest son, who is in college, came to me and asked for help with writing an essay about a poem for his college English class. He doesn't ask for help much, so I was honored he approached me and wanted my editing skills. After going over his first draft of the essay, it was well near 11:00PM and exhaustion set in to my bones. It filled my heart, as I went to bed, that my "kids" still need me every once in a while. I raised them to be confident, independent young adults, but a mom still wants to be needed every now and again.

I love my children with the deepest cells of my body. While I enjoy and take pride in watching them grow up into their own people, it is bittersweet letting go. Soon the house will be down to 4...me, Brian, and the twins. And soon after that it will be down to 2. But, this is how it is supposed to happen. My little birds growing up and flying away...

Have a wonderful day. Tonight is my youngest daughter's last choral concert tonight and I am looking forward to seeing her hard work pay off as she sings her heart out. Lots of "lasts" are happening in May...but with a last there is always a birth of some sort, a new beginning. Here's to new beginnings!


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