Wednesday, June 28, 2017


According to many of the flower meaning websites out there chamomile represents patience and it also attracts wealth. I think that is a worthy flower to keep around! About a week ago I had to make a stop at Wegman's market and I treated myself to a farmer's bouquet. All week I had planned on photographing it until life happened and all the flowers began to die. That is except, of course, this lone chamomile flower and the beautiful greenery that was with it. So, I decided to go with the shoot anyway, preserving the beauty of this delicate, tiny flower.  One of my passions, now that I can't get out very much, is using my tabletop soft box to do portraits of flowers. They are just so much fun to work with.

Now that the kids are going back to school in September, I have been getting more and more excited about all the free time I will have to focus on art. I am planning on taking some art classes as well as teach digital art classes. It is funny how the universe works...I just put out there to my husband the other day that I need to figure out how to video tape myself doing the editing process on my iOS devices and on Photoshop so I can do online classes. Well, what should appear in my inbox from another artist (who does online classes)?  That's right, a class about how to record, teach, and market online art classes. Bingo! So, I am signing up for that class and will be working through it this summer from my home. Then, in the fall, I will be searching local colleges to start some hands-on art classes. I am looking for one in particular for art journaling,  mixed media, or collage. I'd consider taking a beginning painting class too. I am so excited to have 6 hours a day to dedicate to resting or art when the fall comes. After two full years of 24/7 with my little ones, it will be a welcome time to focus on healing myself and expressing myself. I think I will be a better person, wife, and mother, and friend for it.

Speaking of painting classes, I am taking Zach and Natalie to their first canvas art class today. I will post pictures to my FB when they finish the project today. I will enjoy watching them and learning from the instructor as well! They are super excited about it. They have 4 classes this summer with 4 different canvases they will paint. Good times.

Just a side note, I've added a section to the blog menu called The Mighty. On that page is a link to my The Mighty author's page where you can find a link to all of my written articles about Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness. So far I am honored to have three published! Two of them were previously published here on the blog but the third one I wrote specifically for The Mighty, so if you'd like to read my latest article, Why Hugging You Is Not Good For My Health, please click through. If you like it and find the article useful, would you please consider clicking the heart on that page or using the social media icons to share it? Thanks! The more I use my voice to help others understand chronic illness or make others feel they are not alone in walking through this, the better!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see my favorite flower portrait I took yesterday...a white rose. 

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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