Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Eye of the Boardwalk- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

Eye of the Boardwalk- Digital Art-Mobile Art-Tracey Grumbach
Five of my favorite things this week...

1.  Stamps- If you know me, you know I love mail. There is something about getting a hand written note or postcard from someone unexpectedly in the mailbox. I also love sending mail, just to say hello to a friend. Recently, I have noticed that the USPS is offering some really cool stamps (and they should be cool at a ridiculous $0.49 each!). It is fun to add a bit of color or cuteness to the envelope in the form of an adorable or beautiful stamp. Have you sent a handwritten note to someone you care about recently? On my path of running errands today, the post office is one of my stops for this very reason.

2.  The Foundling: The true story of a kidnapping, a family secret, and my search for the real me by Paul Joseph Fronczak- This book was simply enthralling. If you like true life mysteries, ancestry, or are interested in genetic genealogy, this book is for you. If you are an adoptee, an adoptive parent, or a birth parent, this book is for you. If you like memoirs, this book is for you. Deeply moving, emotional, and fascinating, this book will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Being the mother of adopted twins, it pulled at my heartstrings and made me look at a few things differently about how they will feel growing up. In addition, one of my friends, Allison Demski, who actually fostered my twins before I adopted them and saved my life (she was a paramedic at one time and saved my life when I was in anaphylactic shock), is in the book as one of the genetic genealogists helping Paul along his journey of discovery.  She is an amazing woman and has helped so many people in life. She is an angel on earth. Get this book! You can also watch the 20/20 program about his case.

3.  Feather bookmarks- I don't have these yet, so I can't vouch for their quality, but these simply look adorable. I always have a book and I love feathers, art, and watercolors. So, this totally makes my heart sing.

4.  Be still my heart-Football Season is upon us! Y'all know I love me some football! Go Ravens (I say this with all trepidation because of our ridiculous injury list before the stinking season even starts)!  Time to bust out the purple jersey!

5.  I am totally obsessed with the total solar eclipse that is happening on August 21. At first I was going to be in an airplane traveling back from Florida when it happened, but my plans have changed and I will still be in Florida during the event. I will be in the path of 85% totality that day and Winter Park, the area where I will be, is hosting viewing, I just may need to make plans for that! So exciting!

Have a fabulous Wednesday! Hugs to all.


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