Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Guiding the Course

I found it fascinating last night at dinner that when I asked
my children what they were grateful for that day,
my 6 year old daughter wasn't familiar with the word "grateful."
I had to explain what it meant to her using other words she knew
like "thankful" and "glad."

Obviously I have not done a good job of
teaching her to be thankful for the things she has in her life.
The good news...she is young and I can now work on it with her
every single day.

Yesterday I was thankful for the veterinary service my cat received
after he got bitten by an unknown predator over the weekend. 
He was unable to use his back leg due to the bite
and the subsequent infection.
The infection was trapped under his skin, which as a result,
was starting to die.
He needed surgery to put in drains to save the leg and his life.
He is home now and resting 
(a bit uncomfortably with that cone around his neck!)
but resting, nonetheless.

Have a beautifully blessed day, everyone!

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