Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Than Different

Thought I would share this rare bird with you so it could
brighten your day as it did mine.
I had the privilege of seeing this beautiful creature
at the Plumpton Park Zoo on Mother's Day and I was 
fascinated with how regal and detailed the albino peacock
is despite its lack of color.

I do have to say, though, that peacocks are much more fun
to look at then to HEAR.
They have quite the annoying squawk!

Have a beautiful and rare day. 

P.S.  For some reason this picture shows a bit darker on Blogger than it does on my computer.  Not sure why, it just does ;)

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  1. I'm so glad you popped in with a comment today - I missed you...and this hasn't been showing up in my I might need to "re" follow? I'll figure it out! So glad you are sharing your photos with the blogosphere again! I've just been looking through them all from today's "migraine" to this one. (ick migraines - I am under chiropractic treatment that's helping me in so so many ways - has basically cleared up my migraines...I hate them!) Also - when I became a part of google+ there is a setting that naturally takes over anything you share on google or blogger. There's a box you have to "uncheck" because google+ decided that we'd appreciate them auto-correcting out photos. I thought I was loosing my mind! But when I un-checked that little box, all the problems of photos changing from my edit to the blog platform stopped. Hope that helps!


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