Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On the Monument Steps

Yesterday I went to see the long awaited film
Finding Vivian Maier at the Charles Theater in downtown Baltimore.
Ever since I have found out about this amazing photographer,
I have been obsessed with her and her work.
She is one fascinating creature and the movie did not disappoint;
however, I left there with even more questions than I went in with!
Part of the intrigue is the mystery surrounding her and her work.

I would love to see a live gallery exhibition of her work,
but all of the current shows are overseas, so it will have to wait.
I will keep my eyes open for any shows in the U.S.

Vivian has inspired me to do more street photography when I can,
and so when I recently visited D.C., I instead of taking the normal monument pictures,
I was focused, instead, on the people surrounding the monuments.
This is an iPhone shot, but I loved it nonetheless,
as I enjoy moving my eye through the frame and seeing what each of the people is doing.


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