Monday, July 14, 2014

Cymbals and Drum

The cutest concert band members ever.  Accident, Maryland

I am packed and ready for my mini-vacation with my oldest daughter.
We are headed to Cape May for two nights and three days
to spend quality mother-daughter time with each other.
Ever since we adopted the twins, my husband and I wanted to make sure
our older children felt that we still had special time for each of them
and a tradition began.
Each year my husband and I take one of our older children
away by themselves and then switch the kids the following year.
Last time I took my oldest son away to Nemacolin Woodlands for an
adventure vacation, so this year is my daughter's turn to go with me.
Later in the month my husband will take my oldest son for his get-away.

When the twins turn 10 we will start our vacation tradition with them as well.
I think it is so important to spend one on one time with your kids,
so we make this a priority each year.

After all that has happened this summer, it will be a welcome
distraction to have all my attention focused on her.

I am thankful tonight that I have this opportunity with my daughter.
Please pray for safe passage for us tomorrow...
not sure if where we are staying has wifi, so if not, 
I will be offline for a few days.

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