Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moon Rising

Moon Rising was created with an original image I took at Sunset Beach in Cape May.

Have you ever been in one of those really dark moods 
where you just want to be left alone?
No one touching your skin,
No one talking to you...
you crave silence like air itself?
Deep down in your gut and in your chest, where your spirit resides,
 it just feels dark 
and you warn everyone it is one of those days.

Yep, it is one of those days for me.
I woke up this way and have no idea why.

I warned the kids at breakfast.
I told my husband.

As the hours of the morning wore on, 
I knew that it wasn't fair to everyone around me.
I had no reason to be grim with them.
I knew the choice was mine to change my mood.

So, today I am thankful for all of those comfort mechanisms that bring me peace.
Soft Native American flute music over a soundtrack of nature sounds....
(yep, the kids had to listen to it silently all the way to gymnastics, poor things.)
A lilac candle whose smell brings me joy.
(yep, two of them lit right now in my house.)
My most comfortable jeans and softest shirt.
(Check...got'em on.)
Digital Art, releasing those dark feelings creatively and in a positive manner
on my iPhone while waiting the hour and a half for the kids to finish their gymnastics class.
(Ahhhhh...yes...that image from Cape May I wasn't sure what to do with.)
And a good book to get lost in while swinging on the porch swing
while the birds at the feeder chirp their songs.
(Getting there soon...)

I can do this.
I can control that synapse of time between when the kids annoy me 
and when I respond to them.
That moment in between a stimulus and our reaction is golden...
we hold all the power in those brief seconds...
how will I choose to respond to this?
Angry, mean, and distant or loving, caring, and calm?


  1. I get like that. I think we all do. Sometimes I just go with the anger . . .

    That is never good.

    Ok. Awesome image here. Wonderful.


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