Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Concord Point Lighthouse- Harford County Art

I counsel you: Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. 
There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, 
no mariner so lost but what its beacon light can rescue. 
It beckons through the storms of life. 
It calls, 'This way to safety; this way to home. 
- Thomas S. Monson

The home phone rang. I picked it up expecting it to be the third telemarketer of the day, but instead I saw on the caller id that it was my husband. 

I answered, "Hello?" 

But instead of a reply all I could hear on the other end was traffic noises.

"Hello?" I said again, starting to feel an empty pit form in my stomach. Nothing...only a bit of static and traffic noises.

I hung up. Maybe it was a bad connection. I was sure he would call right back. 

As I waited for the phone to ring again, I remembered that my husband was traveling that day. He had a meeting that morning away from his office and it was just about the time his meeting would have been over and would be traveling back.

Another minute passed and just as I was getting ready to call him, my nerves rising, my cell phone rang. His cell phone caller id showed once again, but this time on my mobile phone.

"Hello?" I answered. 

Nothing. Traffic noises.

"Brian?  Are you there?  Hello?" Fear was just beginning to bud and take root in my gut. 

No answer. 

Panicked now, I hung up and decided to try to text. Something wasn't right. Why could I hear background car noises but not his voice?  

I texted..."I answered both phones but can only hear traffic noises. I can't hear you. Are you ok?"

The reply came in a short time..."My car is totaled. I need you to come pick me up." 

Stomach acid began to rise in my throat, a shot of adrenaline coursed through me as I struggled to push down the panic and think clearly. Where was he? Was he hurt? How would I get to him? Was anyone else injured? Why wasn't his phone working?

I screamed for my oldest daughter, told her what was going on and asked her to mind the twins while I left to go find Brian. I threw a pair of shoes on and ran out the door as I was calling Brian once again to try and connect with him and find out his location so I could get him. 

Hearing his voice settled my nerves a bit after the call finally connected (his cell phone was still connecting to the car bluetooth so while he could hear me, I could not hear him because he was out of the car but not far enough away to drop the bluetooth connection). But I had an hour and ten minute ride to get to him. This was a long time to drive and wonder what happened and of course, imagine all that could have happened. 

This is when I began to pray. I prayed to the Lord, handing him all my fears and worries and rested in knowing that He had this. He is in complete control and there was nothing I could do but trust in Him. My shaking settled. My stomach unclenched. I began to praise Him and thank him that Brian was not seriously injured. While it was one of the longest rides of my life, I was thankful for the complete silence in the truck (no radio, no kids, no phone) so that I could throw complete trust to God and his plan for our lives.

By the time I got to the accident scene I was completely calm. I was centered. I was ready to deal with whatever was required of me to help my husband. 

I share this story with you to remind you that even in times of turmoil and confusion, the Lord has you in the palm of his hand. Even in the midst of panic, if you can remember to seek God, calmness will overtake you. The quote above, "Look to the lighthouse of the Lord" is so true. There is nothing He can not guide you through.

I am so thankful my husband and the other driver were safe and uninjured despite a horrific accident with massive vehicle damage to both cars. Neither one of the drivers had a scratch or a bruise on them. It was a miracle and no one can tell me it wasn't. I believe in angels and I believe in the power of putting all your worries in the hands of God. 



  1. Hello, I am so glad your husband and the other driver were ok. Sounds like a bad accident. The lighthouse is pretty. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  2. What a frightening experience for all of you, but handing it all to God is so powerful. He truly does hold us in his hand if we just trust in that. Thank you for commenting on my blog as well. Means a lot.

  3. Oh my goodness.
    That's scary, tragic, and yet...even tho the autos were totaled, no one was seriously hurt!!!


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