Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Seen along the street in Pigtown, Baltimore City

On Tuesday I was asked to be a judge at the county 4H fair
in the photography division.
This is my second year doing it and both times it was such an honor and a privilege.
To be asked to judge children and teens in the art form that I love
when there are so many photographers out there that could do it
makes my heart very humble.
I love mixing my love for photography and for teaching in this one event.

As each child comes to conference with me about their photo/s,
I love hearing what they are thinking about the piece.
Many times I learn from them because as young people they have a unique perspective on the world.
Even though I am judging/teaching them, 
I always try to learn something from them as well.

One particular situation that made me happy was
when I handed the superintendent of photography the winner in a particular division,
she was very excited and did a quiet celebration upon discovering the 
name of the child who entered the winning piece.
I inquired as to why she was so excited and she told me that this particular teen
had entered the photography judging year after year for many years
but had never won anything.
This child also had some learning problems, but despite his challenges
and despite never having won, he didn't give up year after year.
When he checked in with the superintendent earlier that day,
he mentioned to her that this was his last chance to win
(he was aging out of the program)
and that he felt really good about his chances.

He never gave up.

Of course, I knew nothing of this as I was judging because I don't know
any of the kids or their situations,
so when I heard this story I was so happy and proud of him.
I felt honored that I had a chance to conference with him about the photo
and for a brief moment I got to be a part of his wonderful life.

I hope I get asked to do this again next year.
I meet wonderful people and I get to talk about what I love.

And today, that is what I am thankful for.

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