Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Waiting Room

I find it interesting how the world has changed in just the span of time
since my oldest children were youngins and now,
when my little ones are youngins.
Years ago I used to bring my oldest daughter here, to a local recreation center,
for gymnastics training and I spent hours in this waiting room outside the gym.
Back in 2004, even though technology was advanced even then,
the mothers would all sit and chat while our kids were occupied in class.
Now, whenever I find myself in a waiting room,
whether it is a doctor, sports center, etc.,
I find that even if the people aren't on electronics, 
there is a distinct quiet "ignoring" of others...
We seem to find ways to occupy ourselves instead of interacting with others
and socializing with our peers.
This is what our kids see too...it is no wonder they don't know how to interact with each other
if the adults can't and won't do it!
I am sure there is a social experiment somewhere in there,
but I am not the one to do it.
I just found it striking that in two weeks since I have been taking the twins
to their summer gymnastics class, not one mother, that I have seen,
has turned to another and introduced themselves.
Perhaps I will take the lead and do that today,
although that is way out of my comfort zone.

Today I am thankful for the lunch I had with a dear friend and colleague yesterday.
Nothing brightens a day like connecting with a friend over a meal
and feeling the camaraderie of a shared experience.
I am looking forward to connecting with a different friend tomorrow for coffee.
These ladies have a special place in my heart and I am always appreciative of the time
I get to spend with them!

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