Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Collage of Orange...Pretty things Around the House

I went to see a medical intuitive/psychic yesterday.
Many of you will think I am weird for that,
but I honestly have an open mind about all things intuitive and spiritual.
My father's side of the family would never approve, 
however, my mother's side of the family all believe in this stuff and I tend to also.
Having said that, I do believe that there are many scam artists out there 
who are good at reading body language and are total flim-flam.
I go in with an open mind and for entertainment value only...
I don't change the course of my life over what she tells me.


Except this same psychic told me this time last year
(I've been to her twice now)
that I should mend my relationship with my father because he would be passing within the year.
Thank God I listened to her.
Had he not died a couple of months ago, I still would have heeded her advice 
because it is just good advice whether he was going to die or not.
She also told me that my medical problems had to do with hormones.
I didn't see the connection with hormones and my health until lately...
my adrenal glands have pretty much shut down
(they deal with releasing hormones in response to stress).
Only, that is not the only thing going on with me, so she didn't pick up on the whole story.

So this year's visit was interesting because she channeled my father.
She said many things that were spot on for my father 
however, there were a few things I felt she was reacting to my reaction
to what she was saying, if that makes sense.
She said a couple of things that my father would not have said as well.
So, was fun, but I certainly am taking it with a grain of salt.
As far as her medical advice to me...
she jumped to several things including autoimmune disorder including lupus and fibromialgia.
Interesting, because both of those things have been thrown around in my case,
but nothing proven.  
And...what happened to her being so sure about my issues are created from hormones?

I definitely was entertained and it helped me come to realize
that I don't need anyone else, psychic or otherwise, to feel close to my father.
I know intuitively that he is still with me and watching over my family.
I just know it in my gut.
It was good to have that reminder and now I do feel a sense of calmness 
since I have gone to see her.
All I need is just my memories and the lessons my father taught me
and I will always, always be close with him.
And for that, I am thankful.

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